Must See Radiology: Interactive Cases for the radiologist in training

NEW: iPad App released! 

                Now available on the App Store




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  1. -The iPad app is now available on the App Store! It should work on all iPad types running iOS 5.0+.  It is not available on iPhone due to the small screen size. 

  2. -Android tablet app will be updated this week.


  1. -New design utilizing HTML 5 and jQuery Mobile coding.  Site should be compatible with most web browsers and tablet type devices.  Phones are not supported yet.  Internet Explorer 6, 7,8 are not supported.  Chrome, Safari, Firefox or IE 9+ recommended. 

  2. -33 CASES  including CT perfusion tutorial and example.


-Current cases available through website is 25. To preview the app on your tablet, use a barcode scanner app to scan the QR code on the right or select the app link above.  


  1. -The current number of complete cases is 20.  The goal number of cases is approx. 200, representing approximately 75 critical diagnoses. 

  2. -iOS and Android apps are in development.  Beta versions will be released soon.


  1. -The format has undergone a complete transformation to allow for mobile devices.  This new format is icon touch-based for easy navigation on iPhones, iPads, and Android devices.   The cases may be viewed using left and right swipes or the buttons on the bottom of the image.   The cases are divided into modality categories with either a given diagnosis or hidden diagnosis. The mobile based format will be also be viewable on most modern web browsers. 


  1. -MSR LAB : Lab is an area that is used to test future projects or ideas. These projects are not complete and have limited functionality.

Current MSR LAB projects include:

  1. - online teaching file for my radiology residency, SIU.

  2. -conference poster viewer utilizing a swipe photo gallery.


  1. -Case # 001 is up and the project has officially launched.  Welcome to MUST SEE RADIOLOGY, my contribution to the future for radiology education.


  1. is adopted.

  2. -Let the project begin!

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